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Our work can be divided into 3 clear buckets: Mainline thought leadership content - where we work with SMEs, business leaders, SPOCs to create long-form collaterals; Online content - where we develop micro, maxi, and mega-sized content pieces that complete the jigsaw that is your digital footprint; and Sales & marketing content - where we create compelling enablers, tools, and companion literature to help you tell your story the way its meant to be heard. 

Our Services

Thought leadership 

Long-form collaterals that elaborate a thought, a strategy, ideas from the field, discuss trends, comment on current affairs of specific interest, introduce a new product or service, or propound a corporate philosophy. We work with the SME/SPOC, conduct research, benchmark against competitors and best-in-class practices, and create content that’s in-line, original, and enlightening.  

Social media 

A voice of the company in this enormous sea of opinions and ideas, social media content is now a must-have, no matter how big or small you may be. We help you get there, our team works on your strategy, builds your gameplan, drafts the way forward, with a strong message and a chance to truly stand out. 

News and updates 

A compendium of views, news, analysis, and insights from around the sector, served in various formats – long and detailed, crisp and pithy, layered and analyzed, ready for instant consumption. We pick up from the client’s interest areas, conduct our research, and bring together a set of elements that get you up-to-speed, and ensure your voice is an educated, articulate, and nuanced one. 

Press releases 

Par for the course, for any company, these list your latest achievements or announcements. We draft releases in close conjunction with your team to create material that is perfectly in tune with the company voice and intended messaging. 

Sales enablement

Tools and accompaniments in the salesman’s kit; brochures, flyers, mailers, leaflets, push & pull notifications, and many more – these tell your story, announce your product, and share all the details you’d want your customers to know. We gather intel from SMEs, figure the marketing pivot, and create collaterals that are robust in information, easy to read, and can successfully hold the customer’s attention.

Case studies 

Stories from the field, illustrations of work done well, commendations from partners & stakeholders – case studies enshrine a delivery done well, and exemplify your work ethic. We gather all the data at hand to create a narrative that explains the solution, outlines the problem, and brings it all together with composite shape and form. 

Pitch & research decks 

Research: Exhaustive PowerPoint presentations on a topic of choice, bringing together numbers, trends, market movements, industry positions, expert opinions – with insights, analysis, recommendations, and a bird’s eye view of the shape of things to come. 

Pitch: Pure-play strategy on a specific product or new release or content direction outlining game plans, schedules, on-ground breakdowns, and differentiators to help you say it just the way you’ve thought about it. 

White papers & reports 

A sister to thought leadership, these double down on an idea, concept, strategy, product line, service, or strategic shift and break it down in complete and telling detail, creating a comprehensive Blackbook of sorts. We work with SMEs, marketing teams, and leadership to build these “idea bibles”, with a steadfast commitment to accuracy, detail, and lucidity. 

Website content 

The foundation stones of your digital blueprint, a good website with smart, pithy, and intelligent content is emblematic of your industry position, market standing, product differentiation, corporate vision, and mission statement. We work in close consultation with our stakeholders & partners to discover what sets them apart – creating a lasting testament to your enterprise goals & targets, available forever, digitally. 

Glimpses from our portfolio



Sales & marketing collateral for an entreprise-grade data visualization tool



Tangible benefits via SD-WAN implementation for a B2B provider



Industry-specific web page, for product details outlining & lead generation



Future Shock – cyber-crimes, security in the times of ‘the Hacker’ and the call for greater protection



Zen & the Art of Logistical Maintenance – how smart tech is changing transportation as a business



Almost Human, Near Perfect - Why Google Contact Center AI is a trail-blazer



Making Growth A Habit - Your train to success



RiseSmart Announces 3 Leadership Additions, Reinforcing APAC Presence



Managing Change - strategies, ideas, and a pragmatic approach



B2C Campaign for a leading Broadband connectivity provider



Hubspot drip-mailer set for a new Cloud-based enterprise suite



Short, crisp & design-friendly messaging for G Suite (Business)



Don’t Commute. Travel. - website revamp strategy for a global transport services provider



Visual cues for social media campaign, for a new property launch



Lead-in from mailers and other collaterals, driving traffic & leads

photo-1504802469493-cad9b622c4f7 (1).jpg


LinkedIn campaign (alerts & sponsored content) for SD-WAN product collaterals



End-to-end weekly calendar & event campaigns for a leading hospitality chain



Garnering social media interactions and user-generated content for a niche F&B seller (e-commerce)

Core Industries

We work with a wide variety of clients spread across several industries and verticals. IT, HRtech, Martech, BFSI, hospitality, healthcare, unified communications, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), sales & marketing, CSR, corporate reputation management, and individual brand building – we have worked, and are working with an impressive roster of global giants, industry majors, up & coming players, and industry leaders of note. 

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