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Eastern India’s leading marketing, thought leadership, and sales enablement content agency.

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The Comet is a content marketing startup that focuses on thought leadership content. It works with several industry majors to offer best-in-class collaterals built on expertise, experience, and subject matter proficiency.

Our work, we believe, speaks for itself – and is the true defining characteristic of this dynamic and fast-growing enterprise. 

Mission Statement

Enterprise, ambition, ability, and resilience. Those are some of the words that enunciate who we are. 

We endeavor to offer the best possible delivery with each task or assignment we undertake. We understand the subtle nuances of the corporate voice, its place in the world at large, and the need to articulate true intent with unadulterated expression. We do not believe in the art of smoke and mirrors – we commit, we act, and we learn from every step that we take. 

Ours is a young business, envisioned by hopes and dreams that are equally fresh and raring to go. And we intend to keep it this way. A smart, niche, razor-sharp crack team that refuses to settle for the basic or the ordinary, and strives for brilliance. This, we know, is a lifelong pursuit; and probably, it makes us all the better for it. After all, the journey is often, the only destination. 

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A differentiator is a key asset, or indeed, a calling card. Our version is a little different:

The difference isn’t a set of abstractions; it’s the marriage of talent with ongoing activity, the ability to learn as you work, to grow as you succeed, and reach for new goals even when settling feels acceptable. 

In that train of thought, we are, and offer: 

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A bright young team of experienced professionals who bring 50+ years of expertise in the field 

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A ferocious appetite for expansion, with the ability to crunch unheard of deadlines, offering genuine depth of understanding across a vast set of industries and verticals

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A startup with a proven track record of delivery, that’s always on the ball, and steadfastly committed to accuracy 

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A keen sense of review and reassessment, to address challenges and find lasting solutions

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Our Journey


The Comet begins its journey as a two-member unit


Significant growth, with a gradually expanding client base


Acquires new partners, adds to the team, shifts gears from incubation phase to fully growing startup


Pivots with the complexity of the times, continues its ascent with an expanding roster of projects


The Comet is now a proponent of New Work, with a hybrid working model, expanding its team, looking at new targets & goals

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Our Work Culture

​Work-life at The Comet is a healthy balance of stiff targets and a convivial office environment. Agencies tend to push the boundaries when it comes to timelines and delivery schematics; of course, this is a part of the process – of learning, growing, and developing a no-holds-barred commitment to quality. 

However, a state of equilibrium between work and personal passions, between chasing the target and finding space for self-expression is germane to our value system. Ours is a young team, and we are conscious of the thin red line that divides nurturing from excess. 

Fun at work, the instinct to always grow, the desire to find the next best thing, and the humility to accept challenge as a petri dish for success – are vital to our DNA. 

We live online, we devour the newest in tech, but we urge all our employees to find time to smell the flowers and feel a bit of real sunshine on their shoulders.


The Leadership

Chiradeep Basumallick, Co-Founder

Chiradeep is a marketing communications and digital marketing specialist with 11 years of work experience. In previous avatars, he has worked with Indian conglomerates, global IT majors, and leading content marketing startups . He specializes in content creation and project management – spanning diverse areas such as IT, BFSI, and hospitality. His work has been, and is regularly, published in leading digital magazines and online journals. Currently, he manages The Comet (ops management and account management), and is a literature and public relations graduate.

Anwesha Roy, Co-Founder

Anwesha is a digital marketing specialist with a focus on research and content analysis and insights curation. In the past, she has worked in a number of leading content marketing majors and SaaS companies – before she decided to break fresh ground with the inception of The Comet. Her primary areas of interest lie in content strategy, curation, and narrativization. At The Comet, she works closely with a team of young professionals, mentoring and nurturing them, and envisioning the future of the company. She has written extensively on IT, BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, market research, unified communications, and other associated spaces.

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...and, a vibrant, talented and energetic team of

14 executives (9 writers, 2 designers, and 3 account managers). 

50+ years of combined experience
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