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Commercials for a content marketing project is based on several criteria: 

Retainers with an FTE model, non-retainer ad-hoc projects, persona branding requirement, research & analysis support, content strategy support, pure-play thought leadership support, website content support, social media strategy & execution – there are a number of buckets for you to choose from and zero in on what works for you. 


To begin with, we would urge you to answer the following questions: 

What are your specific requirements – both in terms of strategy and numbers – for this project? 

What are the collaterals you are looking at? 


Is there a clear timeline and pre-set content strategy that you are looking to refresh, or add on to? 


What is a timeline that you have in mind? 

Is there a larger, wider, end-to-end content plan initiation that you have in mind? 


Have you worked with a content marketing agency before, and what was your experience then, and commercials at that time?

Our plans start at US$ 500 per month, tailored to your requirements.

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