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Cogito ergo sum. Ergo write.

The Comet is a content marketing agency with a focus on thought leadership, digital marketing, and social media content strategy & curation. We work with global IT, BFSI, hospitality, healthcare, HR, and manufacturing majors on projects that require specialized expertise in brand voice, strategy, research & analysis, content creation & curation, and industry benchmarking. 

We partner with global clients and help them create engaging and meaningful content that expresses and expands their key value proposition. And, our belief system is based on five core pillars: 

  • Creativity 

  • Analysis

  • Authenticity

  • Accuracy

  • Insight 

The Comet is a one-of-its-kind content marketing agency in Eastern India. We bring years of experience and expertise, with a vast reservoir of projects either at play or successfully actioned. 

Who we are

We are a dynamic young startup built on verve, zeal, chutzpah, and a generous quantum of determination. We work with a team of writers, designers, curators, editors, and roving contributors, to offer clear, targetted, and sector-specific content.

How to work with us

We live on the cloud. 

A.K.A., we run a 24/7, on-the-go, fluid ship, that can be accessed on any of your preferred digital channels. We are now a hybrid office, our people can be found as and when you develop a requirement, and we understand that an ear to the ground – is sometimes half the battle won. 

What we do

We work with our external stakeholders and partners to echo their voices as best and succinctly as possible. In other words, we talk to them, garner their needs, link it to market trends and global movements, to create messaging that’s compelling, authentic, and innovative. 

Where to reach us

You can call us, text us, email us, or simply look us up on your favorite social media channel of choice. We typically try and respond in real-time, and you’ll always have someone dedicated to your unique and individual expectations. 

We work with you to crystallize your unique ideas and architect content that is layered, clutter-free, insightful, and precise in its recommendations. 

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